Carry-On Essentials for Every Flight

Airline Carry-on Essentials

When embarking on your next travel adventure, the last thing you will want to deal with is not having essential items with you while at your seat. I would love to hear what your favorite carry-on essentials are, so please leave your list in the comments below!

You may relate to some of these, and everyone has different needs, but hoping this gives you a good checklist to start! 

    • Collapsible Water Bottle - Airplane air lacks moisture and it’s always good to stay hydrated
    • Snacks - Airplane food is not always tasty - if offered at all. Be safe and bring food you like on board
    • Gum/Mints/Cough drops - Useful for takeoff and landing when the pressure changes and also to relieve a dry mouth due to dry cabin air.
    • Passport/ID - This one seems obvious, but you will need your Passport number for international flights when filling out the paperwork needed when you land
    • Pen/paper - Especially helpful for international flights to fill out documentation and also to take note any ideas or keep a journal of your trip.
    • Scarf - I use a scarf to keep warm on the plane and it doubles as a great accessory anywhere I travel
    • Phone/Tablet/Laptop - Essential for entertainment and getting work completed
    • Phone charger/External charger + Organizing case - Most planes have chargers at the seat, this is a must have if you need to always be charged and ready
    • Pillow (inflatable) - Essential on long flights to get some sleep and stay comfortable
    • Blanket - I love taking my own blanket, especially in winter months and long flights
    • Eye Mask - For those red-eye or really long flights to help you sleep
    • Tissues - There always seems to be something in the air on planes
    • Headphones/Earplugs - Headphones for music or just quiet time
    • Antibacterial hand wipes - It’s always a good idea to wipe down the tray table, seat back pocket and armrests
    • Compression socks - Great for long flights to keep your circulation up
    • Warm socks- If you are like me having warm feet = being warm and 
    • Pain relievers/Medicine/Sleep aid - Travel can bring on headaches and if you need to take medication every day, it’s imperative to keep in your carry-on
    • Lip balm - Dry air on the airplane or just being dehydrated can bring on dry, chapped lips- I’m addicted and use often
    • Hand lotion - When traveling, I wash my hands as often as I can which can lead to dryness
    • Credit/Debit Card - For food/beverage purchases on the plane. Most airlines no longer accept cash
    • Reading glasses- if needed :)

Did I miss any key essentials? Do you have favorite products that you absolutely love and can’t live without?  Please share in the comments below. And remember…

Smile, relax and enjoy your journey!

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