About Us



Imagine arriving at your long awaited sunny, tropical vacation and forgetting a hat.  Or when traveling for business leaving a hotel for an important meeting in an unexpected downpour without an umbrella. Or wanting to explore a new city but you forgot a day bag that easily carries all of your essentials. Or traveling with your children and needing a way to better organize clothing and electronics. 

I was unable to find most travel items I needed in one place- I visited one site for bags, one for clothing, and one for accessories. My mission was to create an online space for people to find helpful items for different types of travel adventures all in one place! TM Travel Gear was founded to provide and deliver a range of high quality, practical products that are most relevant to you, and to enhance your overall travel experience.  TM Travel Gear believes that any travel experience can be enhanced and easy with the right gear! 

We are looking forward to helping you prepare for your travels to see new destinations and experience more adventures!